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US Coast Guard Artwork

Categorical Listing | Alphabetical Listing
1st District Color
First Class Diver Badge Silver
Second Class Diver Badge Gray
5th District Color
8th District Color
9th District Color
14th District Color
17th District Color
Aeronautical Engineering Color
Aircrew Badge Gold
Alumni Association Black and White
Aviation Elec Mate Color
Aviation Elec Tech Color
Aviation Engineering Gold
Aviation Machin Mate Color
Aviation Struct Mech Color
Aviation Survivalman Color
Aviation Training Center Color
Aviator Badge Gold
Bandmaster Gold
Bandsman Cap Device Gold
Boatswain Gold
Boatswains Mate Color
Canadian Coast Guard Administrator Flag Color
Canadian Coast Guard Commissioner Flag Color
Canadian Coast Guard Crest Color
Canadian Coast Guard Director, Fleet Systems Flag Color
Canadian Coast Guard Flag Color
Canadian Coast Guard Senior Officer Afloat Flag Color
Chief Counsel Seal Gray
Civil Engineering Black and White
Coast Guard Academy Foundation Black and White
Coast Guard Badge Color-shaded
Coast Guard Emblem Color
Coast Guard Headquarters Seal Color
Coast Guard Mark Color
Coast Guard Reserve Seal Color
Coast Guard Seal Color
Coast Guard Shield Gray
Command Ashore Badge Gold
Command at Sea Badge Gold
Commander Atlantic Area Color
Communications Gold
Company Commander Badge Gold
Coxswain Badge Silver
Crisis Action Team Puget Sound Color
Cutter Gallatin WHEC-721 Black and White
Cutter Gallatin WHEC-721 Color
Cutterman Badge Enlisted Silver
Cutterman Badge Officer Gold
Damage Controlman Color
Data Processor Color
Department of Defense Eagle
Department of Transportation Government Seals Color
Desert Storm Patch Color
Designated Driver Program Gray
Diving Badge Officer Gold
Dont Tread On Me
Dont Tread On Me Gadsen Flag
E. Pluribus Unum. Old Style Eagle
Electricians Mate Color
Electronics Gold
Electronics Tech Color
Enlisted Cap Device Color
Finance and Supply Gold
Fire Control Tech Color
Flight Officer Badge Gold
Flight Surgeon Badge Gold
Food Service Spec Color
Greater Antilles Section Color
Group Galveston Color
Gunners Mate Color
Health Service Tech Color
Honor Guard Badge Gold
Human Resources Color
Information Systems Center Color
International Ice Patrol Color
Investigator Color
Life Saving Service Color
Machinery Technician Color
Marine Science Tech Color
Maritime Defense Zone Atlantic Color
Maritime Defense Zone Pacific Color
Materiel Maintenance Gold
Medical Administration Gold
Military Personnel Command Color
Musician Color
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Government Seals Color
National Strike Force Color
Naval Engineering Gold
Navigation Center Color
Office of Acquisition Color
Office of Health and Safety Color
Officer Cap Device Color
Officer in Charge Afloat Badge Silver
Officer in Charge Ashore Badge Gray
Pacific Area Gray
Personnel Administration Gold
Personnel Command Obselete Color
Physicians Assistant Gold
Port Safety and Security Gold
Port Securityman Color
POW MIA Flag Black and White
Public Affairs Color
Public Affairs Spec Color
Public Information Gold
Puget Sound VTS Color
Quartermaster Color
Radarman Color
Recruiting Badge Color
Resolute WMEC-620 Color
Revenue Cutter Service Government Seals Color
Scuba Diver Badge Enlisted Gray
Scuba Diver Badge Officer Color
Search and Rescue Life ring Color
Semper Paratus Color
Storekeeper Color
Support Center Alameda Black and White
Support Center Alameda Color
Support Command Color
Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon with American Flag
Surface Warfare Badge Enlisted Gray
Surface Warfare Badge Officer Color
Surfman Badge Gray
Tactical Law Enforcement Team Gulf Color
Tactical Law Enforcement Team North Color
Tactical Law Enforcement Team South Color
Telecomms Spec Color
Telephone Tech Color
Training Center-Cape May Color
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam's Hat
US Coast Guard Academy Black and White
US Coast Guard Alumni Association Black and White
US Coast Guard Auxiliary 2 Color
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Black and White
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Color
US Coast Guard Personnel Command Color
US Coast Guard Recruiter Color
US Coast Guard Recruiting Color
US Coast Guard Reserve Color
US Coast Guard Training Center-Petaluma, CA Color
US Eagle
US Flag
US Flag Furling
USCG Group Moriches, NY Color
USCGC Dallas WHEC 716 Insignia Color
Wallops Island Aegis Combat Systems Center Color
Wallops Island Aegis Combat Systems Center Color
Weapons Gold
Yeoman Color

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