Amphibious Warfare Ships

Anchorage-LSD 36 Color
Ashland-LSD 48 Color
Austin-LPD 4 Color
Bataan-LHD 5 Color
Belleau Wood-LHA 3 Color
Blue Ridge-LCC 19 Color
Bonhomme Richard-LHD 6 Color
Boxer-LHD 4 Color
Carter Hall-LSD 50 Color
Comstock-LSD 45 Color
Denver-LPD 9 Black and White
Dubuque-LPD 8 Black and White
Essex-LHD 2 Insignia Color
Fort McHenry-LSD 43 Color
Germantown-LSD 42 Color
Gunston Hall-LSD 44 Color
Harpers Ferry-LSD 49 Color
Iwo Jima-LPH 2 Color
Juneau-LPD 10 2 Black and White
Juneau-LPD 10 Black and White
Kearsarge-LHD 3 Black and White
La Moure County-LST 1194 Black and White
Mesa Verde LPD-19 Insignia Color
Mount Vernon-LSD 39 Black and White
Mount Whitney-LCC 20 Color
Nashville-LPD 13 Black and White
Nassau-LHA 4 Color
Oak Hill-LSD 51 Color
Ogden-LPD 5 Black and White
Peleliu-LHA 5 Color
Pensacola-LSD 38 Black and White
Ponce-LPD 15 Black and White
Portland-LSD 37 Black and White
Rushmore-LSD 47 Color
Saipan-LHA 2 Color
Shreveport-LPD 12 Black and White
Tarawa-LHA 1 Color
Tortuga-LSD 46 Color
Trenton-LPD 14 Black and White
Vancouver LPD-2 Insignia Color
WASP-LHD-1 Insignia Color
Whidbey Island-LSD 41 Color

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