Guided Missile Destroyers

Arleigh Burke-DDG 51 Color-shaded
Barry-DDG 52 Color
Benfold-DDG 65 Color
Bulkeley-DDG 84 Color
Carney-DDG 64 Color
Chandler-DDG 996 Color
Cole-DDG 67 Color
Curtis Wilbur-DDG 54 Color
Decatur-DDG 73 Color
Destroyer Squadron 22 Color
Destroyer Squadron 31 Color
Donald Cook-DDG 75 Color
Fitzgerald-DDG 62 Color
Goldsborough DDG-20 Insignia Color
Goldsborough DDG-20 Insignia2 Color
Gonzalez-DDG 66 Color
Gyatt DDG-1 Insignia Color
Higgins-DDG 76 Color
Hopper-DDG 70 Color
Howard-DDG 83 Color
John Paul Jones-DDG 53 Color
John S. McCain-DDG 56 Color
Laboon-DDG 58 Color
Lassen-DDG 82 Color
Mahan-DDG 72 Color
McFaul-DDG 74 Color
Milius-DDG 69 Color
Mitscher-DDG 57 Color
Nitze-DDG 94 Insignia Color
O’Kane-DDG 77 Color
Oscar Austin-DDG 79 Color
Oscar Austin-DDG 79 Color-shaded
Paul Hamilton-DDG 60 Color
Porter-DDG 78 Color
Ramage-DDG 61 Color
Roosevelt-DDG 80 Color
Ross-DDG 71 Color
Russell-DDG 59 Color
Stethem-DDG 63 Color
Stout-DDG 55 Color
The Sullivans-DDG 68 Color
Winston S. Churchill-DDG 81 Color

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